Our story

Our story

Life is better when shared.

What you see, hear, feel and taste takes on a different power when your family and friends are with you to experience it.


Everything that’s good gets better when you share it.

And this sense of sharing, this generosity, is at the heart of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Welcome to MEZEAST. We are made for sharing.

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Our mission

MEZEAST was born from our passion for Middle Eastern cuisine.

We fell in love with this unique food culture after more than 80 years exchanging culinary knowledge with the Levantine region.

Now, it’s time to share this passion with you.

This constant discovery and learning about every spice, every dish and every local food treasure allowed us emerge as proud champions, spreading the passion for this cuisine around the world.

Here is where our journey starts, we welcome you with all our hospitality and love for sharing delicious food.

Discover the generosity of Middle Eastern food and all its goodness.

We want to spread the generosity of Middle Eastern food and all its goodness. This is more than just food, it is a moment of sharing. We want to bring people together through delicious discoveries.

Our story

Flavours and aromas

Bringing you our chosen ingredients; Pomegranate, Tahini, Oregano, Cumin, Caraway, Coriander and Onions directly from the Middle East for an authentic experience. A multilayered scent. An orchestra of aromas in the air.

Flavours and aromas

The smoothness from the olive oil. The dry crunchiness from the simple but delicious bread. The savoury and spicy pastes. The crumbly nuts on top… Everything perfectly seasoned with centuries of mastery. Mouthwatering combinations that tastes as authentic as divine. A finger licking experience to kick out formalities. Your definition of yummy will be updated and your taste buds will pray for more.

The combination of roasted spices with the natural fresh perfume from the fruits with hints of smoky notes. The zesty pomegranate that invades the room and announces the feast is about to start, all while the aromatic cumin and caraway transports you to the middle of a souk bazaar.

MEZEAST and the Environment

We are committed to ambitious sustainability goals to advance the health of our planet, drive societal progress and support a sustainable, healthy food system.

MEZEAST, with all its generosity, wants to give back to our communities and the environment and make sure that we have a positive impact. We work on taking care of our ingredients, our farmers, our suppliers, our packaging, and our manufacturing to create shared value across, to minimize our carbon footprint, and ultimately, to deliver food that is good for you and for the planet.


Packaging Recyclability

The issue of packaging waste is of public concern. However, packaging is necessary for food safety and quality, protecting food in transportation, extending its shelf life and reducing food waste.

Our commitment: By end of 2022 our full range will have recyclable packaging.

Today, MEZEAST range covers 21 out of 31 materials in recyclable packaging

- Our Meal Kit boxes are recyclable! They are made from carton.

- Our Sauces bottles are recyclable! The bottles are made from PET with paper labels.

- Our Jars are recyclable! They are made from glass, with metal lids excluding BPA (bisphenol A) and with paper labels.

- Our dry mixes sachets are recyclable! They are made from PP, a versatile form of plastic available commercially which is fully recyclable and environment friendly.

- Our Seasoning Pastes sachets are not yet recyclable BUT will be by 2021. This sachet will be made from PP, just like our dry mixes.

- Our breads are packaged in plastic bags which are not yet recyclable BUT we aim to have them recyclable by 2021/2022



We are continuously eliminating unnecessary packaging and phasing out materials that are not recyclable or are hard to recycle. We are investing more in the development of mono-material packaging, as well as alternative materials such as, paper and bio-based plastics and new refill/reuse systems. Our aim is not to use oil and fossils and to rely on already recycled packaging and plant based content which achieves CO2 reduction in the long run.

We formed alliances with our suppliers to deliver sustainable packaging and reduce waste and will continue to research and roll out initiatives with them.


*Check your country for available recycling facilities.

Find out more on: https://www.nestle.com/csv/impact/environment/packaging


Sustainable Sourcing

We believe in sustainable sourcing of our ingredients and in building strong relationships with our farmers and suppliers for improving performance in environmental, social and ethical standards.

For example, we work with our onions and tomatoes suppliers to support farmers in implementing biodiversity friendly activities and regenerative agricultural practices. Our black pepper comes from farms leveraging intercropping as part of a sustainability plan.


Water and Waste Management

In line with our commitment to continuously reduce our environmental footprint, the factory which produces MEZEAST products became Zero Waste to Landfill in 2020.

The factory invested in their Waste Water Treatment Plant and by thus saved up to 50,000 cubic meters of water (quantity enough to fill 20 Olympic swimming pools).


Find out more on: https://www.nestle.com/csv/global-initiatives/zero-environmental-impact/packaging-plastic-pollution

Our story


Enjoy a vegetarian Middle Eastern feast with the MEZEAST Falafel Wrap Kit

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