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Embark on a journey to the exotic markets of the Middle East with the MEZEAST Kofta Seasoning Mix. Delight the senses of your dinner guests with an aromatic fusion of herbs and spices, from fragrant cardamom to woody cinnamon. Enjoy authentic flavours of cumin, coriander, caraway and onion carefully sourced from the Middle East.


Create an exciting and appetising Middle Eastern sharing feast easily and quickly. Just add 1 ingredient to your MEZEAST Kofta Seasoning Mix: minced meat. Or try mixing it with chickpeas and vegetables for a tasty meat-free option. Divide the mixture into oval shapes and fry. Serve your meat or vegetarian Kofta wrapped in MEZEAST Flatbread or Pita Pockets along with delicious MEZEAST Garlic Toum Sauce... the options are endless, let your imagination soar!


Share the generosity of Middle Eastern cuisine at your table... life is better when shared. Enjoy Habibi!


Create your own Middle Eastern Sharing Feast

Bring the extraordinary to your everyday and transport your family and friends with a rainbow of vivid Middle Eastern colours, tastes and textures. Match flavour with convenience and explore all the pleasure of a mouthwatering meal with just 20 minutes preparation time. Fragrant, but not too spicy, MEZEAST Kofta Seasoning Mix is the perfect introduction to Middle East recipes for all ages and tastes. Every occasion is made better by good company and great tasting food, so enjoy and share the flavours of the Middle East every day with MEZEAST in your kitchen.


What is Kofta?

Originating centuries ago, Kofta are balls made up of delicately spiced ground meat and have become a popular element of Middle Eastern cuisine.* Kofta is a meal to be shared, a social experience rather than simply a plate of food.


Explore MEZEAST's Middle Eastern Food Range

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MEZEAST is a registered trademark of NESTLÉ.


*inspired by historical facts, online articles and word of mouth.

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Feature and Benefits

  • MEZEAST Kofta Seasoning Mix, a perfect blend of Middle Eastern flavours
  • Aromatic blend of herbs and spices, including cumin, coriander and cinnamon
  • Quick, simple and convenient, a flavoursome meal in just 20 minutes
  • Authentic roasted spices sourced from the Middle East deliver enticing aromas
  • Combined with minced meat, Kofta takes many shapes in Middle Eastern dishes
  • Share the generosity and goodness of Middle Eastern cuisine at your table
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