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Authentic double layered bread made following a traditional Lebanese recipe, MEZEAST Pita Pockets make the perfect shell to hold a range of Middle Eastern ingredients with exciting flavours and textures.


Simply heat MEZEAST Pita Pockets gently, slice open and drizzle with MEZEAST Tahini Sauce or Muhammara Spread. Stuff with fillings of your choice, like light and fluffy Falafels made with MEZEAST Falafel Seasoning Mix, and top with fresh salad and Hummus for a delicious vegetarian Pita. Or enjoy with grilled meat, halloumi cheese and your favourite vegetables. A great way to get the evening started with fun and creative Pita stuffing!


Share the generosity of Middle Eastern cuisine at your table... life is better when shared. Enjoy Habibi!


Create your own Middle Eastern Sharing Feast

A mealtime is not just about eating, but the act of sharing food together, a social occasion to be cherished. MEZEAST Pita Pockets are designed for collective creativity; play with taste and texture and let the aroma of authentic Middle Eastern spices inspire your Pita creations. The perfect base for a whole range of vibrant herbs, spices and textures, our MEZEAST Pita Pockets can be enjoyed by people of all ages and tastes.


What is Pita Bread?

Pita comes from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines and was the perfect meal for travellers in the Arabian Sahara. It is now a mealtime staple throughout the Middle East.* The process of filling your pocket and eating with friends and family is as much a time for chat and laughter as a treat for the taste buds.


Explore MEZEAST's Middle Eastern Food Range

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MEZEAST is a registered trademark of NESTLÉ.


*inspired by historical facts, online articles and word of mouth.

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Feature and Benefits

  • Perfect accompaniment to your Middle Eastern sharing feast
  • Authentic double layered bread made following a traditional Lebanese recipe
  • A convenient, ready to use base for your favourite Middle Eastern flavours
  • Simply heat, slice open, stuff and drizzle…enjoy!
  • One of the oldest bread forms, they say Pita originated 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia
  • Share the generosity and goodness of Middle Eastern cuisine at your table
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