FAQs about MEZEAST Middle Eastern Food


Where can I buy MEZEAST?

MEZEAST is available in Tesco, online and in store, find us in the foods of the world aisle (next to Mexican)! Yalla! (Let's go!)


Are any of the MEZEAST products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes! Enjoy the following products as part of a vegetarian diet:

MEZEAST Tahini Sesame Squeezy Sauce

MEZEAST Pomegranate Squeezy Sauce

MEZEAST Toum Garlic Squeezy Sauce

MEZEAST Harissa Spicy Chilli Cooking Paste

MEZEAST Muhammara Walnut Tomato Paprika Spread

The rest of our range makes for great meat-free meals, if you omit the meat of course! Try the MEZEAST Shawarma Seasoning Mix with meat-free chicken-style alternatives for a delicious twist!


Which MEZEAST products are gluten/nut/allergen free?

Head over to the specific product pages to explore more on the allergens of each product.


Are the MEZEAST products from the Middle East?

We have lovingly sourced tahini from Israel, picked oregano from Turkey and pomegranates and spices from Egypt. All our ingredients have been blended into recipes by our knowledgable, Middle Eastern chefs for a delicious experience for you at home, inspired by the Levantine region. To learn more about our recipes and philosophy, visit our 'Our Story' page.


Are the MEZEAST products' packaging recyclable?

By end of 2022 our full range will have recyclable packaging. Look out for the 'Recycle' logo on our latest packs. For more information, visit our 'Our Story' page and the section on MEZEAST and the environment.


Are the MEZEAST products very spicy?

We have tested the products on little Habibis and find the MEZEAST Harissa and Muhammara carry a little kick but otherwise all the MEZEAST products are great served as a family meal!


The MEZEAST Wrap Meal Kits say they serve 3-4 portions, what does it mean?

We know portions need to be adjusted according to the person, and children often eat less. So we’ve designed a pack where you can choose to eat between one and two wraps each, to feed a family of four, or three hungry adults !