Our story



Life is better when shared.
What you see, hear, feel and taste takes on a different power when your family and friends are with you to experience it.

Everything that’s good gets better when you share it.
And this sense of sharing, this generosity, is at the heart of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Welcome to MEZEAST. We are made for sharing.

Our mission

MEZEAST was born from our passion for Middle Eastern cuisine.
We fell in love with this unique food culture after more than 80 years exchanging culinary knowledge with the Levantine region.

Now, it’s time to share this passion with you.
This constant discovery and learning about every spice, every dish and every local food treasure has enabled us to create delicous dishes and to share our passion for this cuisine.
Our journey starts here and we welcome you to join us.

Discover the generosity of Middle Eastern food and all its goodness.

We want to spread the generosity of Middle Eastern food and all its goodness. This is more than just food, it is a moment of sharing. We want to bring people together through delicious discoveries.

Flavours and aromas

We bring you a range of culinary art crafted with the passion and generosity of Middle Eastern ingredients; Pomegranate, Tahini, oregano, cumin, caraway, coriander and onions brought to you directly from the Middle East, so you can enjoy authentic Middle Eastern food in the comfort of your own home.

Embark on a journey to the exotic markets of the Middle East with MEZEAST Middle Eastern Food products. Delight your senses with an aromatic fusion of herbs and spices, fragrant cardamom, woody cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and more.

MEZEAST and the Environment

Packaging Recyclability*
The issue of packaging waste is of public concern. However, packaging is necessary for food safety and quality, protecting food in transportation, extending its shelf life and reducing food waste.

Our commitment: By end of 2022 our full range will have recyclable packaging.

In line with our commitment we will be phasing out non recyclable or hard to recycle packaging.

Find out more on: https://www.nestle.com/csv/impact/environment/packaging