Wrap Kits

Wrap Kits

Yalla wrap it!

Be transported to the souks of the Middle East with the authentic, mouthwatering tastes, textures and aromas of MEZEAST Wrap Meal Kits. Full of deliciously savoury aromatic flavours including nutmeg, cardamom, smoky paprika, woody cinnamon, caraway, cloves and oregano.

Everyday cooking should be extraordinary, each meal a special occasion to be shared with those we love.

Ready in only 15 minutes, these easy to make wrap kits contain everything you need to create a delicious Middle Eastern Sharing Feast - just add a few simple ingredients.

Each wrap kit contains MEZEAST Seasoning Mix and our unique MEZEAST Sauce to make your perfect wraps.

Customise your wrap, vegetarian or with meat, drizzle with our range of MEZEAST sauces and top with your favourite vegetables to create your own Middle Eastern inspired banquet.

Don’t forget to look inside the wrap kit for stories of where these dishes came from and find recipe twists and tips for making the best wrap ever!