MEZEAST Middle Eastern Garlic Squeezy Sauce


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Garlic lovers rejoice in this deliciously pungent MEZEAST Garlic Toum Sauce. Enjoy the perfect flavour fusion of garlic and lemon juice. This ready-to-eat MEZEAST Toum Garlic Sauce seamlessly complements a wide range of Middle Eastern recipes and is the perfect accompaniment to grilled meat, Kofta or Shawarma. 

Serve Garlic Toum Sauce as a dip, drizzled over grilled vegetables or add to a delicious wrap as part of an unforgettable Middle Eastern sharing feast. You can even bring a taste of the Middle East to other meals by using MEZEAST Middle Eastern Garlic Sauce as an accompaniment to chips or fried chicken. Immerse yourself in the friendly, laughing chaos that only the Middle Eastern sharing culture can bring to mealtimes. Yalla drizzle it! 

Share the generosity of Middle Eastern cuisine at your table with MEZEAST Garlic Toum Sauce... life is better when shared. Enjoy, Habibi!  

Create your own Middle Eastern inspired Sharing Feast 

MEZEAST Garlic Toum Sauce makes the perfect addition to meat and vegetarian dishes. Suitable for all palates, it's the perfect way to introduce young children to the vibrant tastes of Middle East recipes, whether for a special occasion or a tasty weeknight dinner. Bring your taste buds to the party, discover new flavours and create new memories. 

What is Toum Sauce? 

The word 'toum' literally comes from the word 'garlic' as it is pronounced in Arabic by people from the Levant region, an area now encompassing many Middle Eastern countries where this sauce is popular.* Garlic Toum Sauce is designed to be drizzled or passed around, a social experience rather than simply a tasty sauce. 

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MEZEAST is a registered trademark of NESTLÉ. 

*inspired by historical facts, online articles and word of mouth. 

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Product Allergens

AllergenItem AllergenStatus AllergenDescription
Contains Egg
- -
May contain Nuts
- -
May contain Sesame
- -
May contain Mustard
- -

Yes - according to the recipe with the addition
No - according to the recipe without the addition
n / a - no information


Discover More

  • MEZEAST Garlic Toum Sauce, a traditional Lebanese sauce with a raw garlic kick
  • Pungent garlic paste combined with lemon juice for an exciting taste
  • A convenient ready to use sauce or dip for your favourite Middle Eastern foods
  • Authentic Middle East ingredient, Toum delivers a deliciously piquant flavour
  • Toum comes from the pronunciation of the word 'garlic' in some Arabic dialects
  • Share the generosity and goodness of Middle Eastern cuisine at your table