Spreads and Pastes

Spreads & Pastes

Invite the sights, textures and aromas of the Middle Eastern culture into your home and inspire your guests with the enticing and playful tastes and textures of our Middle Eastern Spreads and Cooking Pastes.


Try our delicious MEZEAST Muhammara Walnut Tomato Paprika Spread. Walnut, tomato and smoked paprika make for an exciting blend of flavours and aromas, seasoned with garlic and earthy cumin. This vibrant ready to eat Middle Eastern Spread is an ideal choice for on Flatbread and on grills.


Add a kick of flavour to all your Middle East recipes with MEZEAST Harissa Spicy Chili Paste. Rich in tomato and perfectly flavoured with an array of herbs and spices, from garlic and paprika to spicy jalapeño pepper. Just stir 1 tablespoon of our Harissa Middle Eastern Paste into your dish while cooking to infuse your meal with exciting flavours. It's perfect for couscous, Moroccan Tagines and soups.


MEZEAST Muhammara and MEZEAST Harissa Spicy Chili Paste are also amazingly tasty eaten right out of the jar as dips for everyone to share! Try dipping pita bread or vegetable sticks for a mouthwatering snack, starter or side dish.